Gigi and zayn’s vogue cover

Hello fashionistas! So the recent vogue cover is with Gigi and zayn! The are soooo goals! 

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Hello all you fashionistas, welcome back!

Are topic today is nails!! I love getting my nails done or just painting them it makes me feel fancy! So here are some summer 17 nail trends. 

 Acrylic nails are all the rave which I have gotten my nails (acrylic) done. And they are great! But with every pro there are cons. These nails are so difficult to take off! So put that in mind if your not up for the challenge! But if you still interested here are some new acrylic nails.

But also natural nails are always the best and people are starting to grow them out long like acrylic nails. So here are some natural nails that are just as gorgeous as acrylic.

So this is just to show natural or acrylic no matter you choose they will be gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed this so like and follow for more!!!


SUGAR SCRUBS? (vanilla brown sugar scrub)

Hello fashionistas! Even though it’s in the middle of summer some people’s lips still huger dry and crack. 

So today I’m going to tell you a simple recipe for sugar scrubs and the ingredients may already be in your house!

But before I tell you the ingredients tells talk about how it’s pretty helpful. 

Lips scrubs are great because it gets rid of all the dead skin and make your lips feel soft. Also it moisturizes your lips and helps prevent cracked lips in the future!


  1. 1 cup of brown sugar 
  2. 1/2 cup almond oil
  3. 1/2 tsp of vitamin E oil
  4. 1 tsp of real vanilla extract 

 Then you mix it all together and you’ll       have a lip scrub that will have your lips smooth and health!
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Summer simple look❤️

  • Hey fashionistas!! Today are topic will be a simple makeup looks for the summer. 
  1. This is a powder foundation from Becca you can find it in Sephora or any other makeup place 
  2.   Next is a bronzer which has been very popular lately. The brand I use is mellow I actually got this from my ipsy bag, but if you look up mellow you’ll fine their some which is really good!
  3. Now for the eye shadow! This is a Pacifica brand eye palette. It’s called island life just for summer! So I definitely love this brand allnthere stuff is vegan AND cruelty free! You can find this brand at Target and makeup stores
  4. Eyeliner is definitely taking the makeup world by storm! There are so many colors but the simple black can just complete the look! So when I use eyeliner I use nano it’s liquid and it stays on really well! I actually got this from ipsy as well but I’m sure you can find it in a makeup store or online.
  5. After all that you’ll have to finish is by of course the mascara! So when I use it I use this Grande, it works so good! Makes you eyelashes look long at full! 

And then just like the eyeliner highlight is taking over and I love it!!!! Highlight just finishes the look And definitely adds pop to the look. You can really find highlight anywhere now days so it’s not difficult like other products.
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Summer essentials

Hey fashionistas since we are in the middle of July so that means we’re in the middle of summer AND ITS HOT!! So here are some summer ’17 fashion.

  1. SUNGLASSES/ Cateye and 90s frames 
  2. CHOCKERS/ you can get the simple black but now there are so many more and they are cute!!
  3. SHORTS/ I feel like the shorts each year are getting smaller! BUT I like some🙂
  4. JUMPSUITS/ floral, patterned, colorful. They’re comfortable and cute.
  5. SWEATPANTS/ guess comfy is the new cute! 
  6. SHOES/ I’ve seen many clear heels, and flurry slippers and really unique heels and flats!


          That are some fashion of 17 summer but I’m thinking there will be a part 2 before summer ends😉. Please feel free to comment ideas for the page and like if it was helpful! Also follow “world of a fashionista” to see more!!       Love-world of a fashionista💞💞💞


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