Fav spring looks (2018)


SPRING IS HERE! So that means it’s time for a new style, so I’ve been looking and here’s my fav and most trendy looks for this spring!

FLORAL: All shirts I see have some sort of a flower or floral design to them. So it seems this year is all about colorful flowers of blouses!

SHER: JACKETS, SHIRTS, EVEN PANTS? SHER is here! And it’s everywhere….. I can’t think of how I feel about it yet but it sure is a cute trend for most!

PLASTICS: I’ve seen plastic type of designs for a while, like the famous Yeezy’s (plastic) clear heels. But since fashion week they’ve taken OVER. From shoes, jackets, and patches on pants.

FRINGE: Throughout fashion week we started to notice that most dresses we saw had fringe all over and even street style. Looks like dresses with fringe is definitely a new look for 2018 spring!

Thank you for reading my dolls💕 follow our page for more fashion!

(If you have a new trend or advice for spring 2018 comment below we’d love to hear from you!)🖤


Snow queen❄️


Sorry for the looong break I decided to take a little break with blogging BUT IM BACK! And I have new things to come!

I recently went on a ski trip not that long ago, and I have NEVER been on this type of trip before so I was soooo lost as to how to pack as stylish and I am?!!

So here are my essentials to my trip💜

1. SKIN PRODUCTS: You may think you won’t need much BUT YOU WILL. It’s like once you even step on the snow your skin is just soooo dry and irritated. So go with moisturizer, creams, and any of your normal use products.

2.All warm clothes! Trust me even when your not skiing it’s still cold up there! So all warm coats and thermals would be great to have!

3. Shoes are a biggg deal too! I would go with warm and water proof and have a grip at the bottom because there is ice EVERYWHERE!

Thank you for reading now go enjoy your wonderful ski trip! And stay stylish💕– World of a fashionista💕💕💕


Hello everyone! So I figured some of you are traveling around for Thanksgiving! That I would give some tips for you fashionistas 💗

Make a list, you will want to do this to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for your trip!!<>< em>Always check the weather wherever you maybe going! This is a major help as to how you need to dress while your away which leads me to my next tip!< em>Pack many (as appropriate) clothes! Many things can happen during the trip so playing it safe is the way to go! And also if your flying make sure to bring extra clothes on your carry on if wanted to! MAKEUP, MAKEUP, MAKEUP! We all need this for sure! In my opinion I would bring 2 medium size bags with all your makeup and any othere small things you like to bring!And remember to have fun! Traveling is supposed to be fun, exciting, and new so enjoy yourself and have a GREAT time! THANK YOU FOR READING IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS WRITE BELOW! BUT ANYWAYS STAY FASHIONABLE BYE GUYS❤️❤️


Hello fashionistas! So I just got my November bag in the mail and was super excited to dine an unboxing in here! If you want more info about Ipsy go to my October bag post.

    1. this is a Karl & green tea vitamin oil cleanser. I actually used it that night and it worked really well. My skin felt really healthy and smooth!


      This is a bang beauty lipgloss. It is a rosy pink gloss called “spicy”, it is long lasting is is great for your fall look.


      I actually looked up the brush since I’ve never heard of this brand & it had some great reviews. It also said it was used for most powders, So if you have a powder foundation this brush would be a great brush.


      This is a singular pressed shadow called “Paper Tiger”. It is a yellows color, which I’m a more of a natural look so it was a little different than what I’m used to. But I stared to mix with other colors and that’s when I stared to to like it much more!


      This is a Benefit “they’re real” mascara. It gives a lash extension feel to it, so if you like long lashes I would definitely look into this!



      As the weather changes so does your skin. So here are some good products to use during fall! 


      This cream really helps your skin, it’s made with natural ingredients so if you have sensitive skin I would use this. You just did it on your face an let it sit for like a minute then wipe off, and you will automatically feel smooth skin.

      This is s good cream as well & it smells like roses! All the ingredients are also natural, it makes your skin look super great and keeps it healthy for this fall season!


      This cream has to be hands down my favorite!! This is a red clay mask, you put it all around the areas that need some “extra help”😂. Let it sit till it is a little sticky and just get water and wipe it off & afterwards your skin will feel soooo soft and hydrated!

      Ponds is great! I usually get a brush and massage it all over my face. Let it sit for a bit and wipe it off with warm water. This cream can also take your makeup off and keep your skin look really health! 

      Thank you for reading!



      Hello everyone today I would like to show off my new October ipsy bag. Ipsy is  makeup samples you get every month. Now these samples are not just little ones they last for awhile and ALL their makeup they give are GREAT makeup! You can get more info or sign up for it on their ipsy website.     (Bags are $10 a month)

      The first item is and grey charcoal infused nail polish 

      Second item is a face scrub the Hydrates your skin, which is great for the changing of this weather!

      Third item is a black eye liner pencil that last for 24 HOURS by Urban Decay.

      Forth item is a to go bottle of peach hand cream. And yes it smells just like fresh peaches! I’ve been using it this fall and it is amazing. It hydrates your skin & makes you smell great! 

      Last item is a brown Mascara from tarte. It makes your eyelashes look full and natural!!

      All these items are just great for the fall! Thank you for reading, bye fashionistas 💜