Life of Kylie premier!

Hello everyone!

So Kylie Jenner just came out with her new show “Life Of Kylie”. So of course I had to watch it because it’s KYLIE JENNER! And here’s what I got from episode 1 & 2

So Kylie was trying to tell us what you see on her social media is not the real Kylie. She feels like she has to keep a certain image for her self, and I feel a little bad for her. Kylie has been in the spot light since she was a young child and that’s all she knew. She explained that she doesn’t like the stop light and the only reason she is in the public eye is because of her business like Kylie cosmetics. 

Later on in the show she found a kid who didn’t have a prom date and Kylie has never been to prom so she decided to go and it was adorable! Of course when she got to prom everybody went wild but you could tell she impacted that young boys prom night! 

Then through out the show she is explaining her self to all of us that she’s just like us and she wants the normal life I kinda feel bad for her but she’s a strong girl❤️ and through out the sires maybe we will she more of the real Kylie and what she’s about! 

Come again for next weeks episode! Like and follow for more!!! 



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