Louis Vuitton with supreme mashup?

Hello fashionistas!!!! So my feed has been blowing up with Vuitton stuff but it’s red? And has a large supreme logo so you know me of course I have to do some research and here’s what I got!

Supreme has been here for awhile now but business had been slow till they decided to collaborate with other designers and that’s when business was boomin! The supreme collection has collaborated with Nike for shoes

But it’s not just Nike, there are other brands collaboration and their also getting more consumers because of the celebrity’s rocking their shirts and other merchandise. But now their new collection is with Louis. Like with bags, shoes, etc. Now I like supreme it’s cool and has the skater vibe! So here are some merchandise with Louis Vuitton X Sumpreme 

Feel free to comment how to feel about the collection or what you want to talk about next! 

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