Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit!

Hello fashionistas, welcome back!!!

So if you follow the Kardashians/Jenners you would see that Kylie came out with another kit and it has more than just a lip kit!

Kylie’s 29th birthday is cute Ming so she decided to celebrate the kit fun with us all! It will include brushes, a pallet, new highlights and of course lip sticks/ gloss!

The new highlight come in: King ( a goldish) and Queen ( rosey pink)

For the lipsticks you will get mini matte sticks in older favorites like: Angle, Augest bug, All nighter, Baby girl, Gorge, and One wish! 

So this “I Want It All”  has just about it all! So the round up is you got 2 highlights 9 eyeshadows and all comes with a glitter pink bag with her signature lip look. 

If you are interested in the getting it will be available August 1 at 3. Pm. And you gotta be fast because stuff like this sells super fast!!!


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