Swim style

So since its still summer the runways are showing us their summer style. What is new about summer ’17 fashion is that is their adding bathsuits into the outfits. It kinda reminds me of body suits with some jeans in the bathing suit adds more color gives it a POP! 

Here are some images from the runaways which includes channel and other high fashion lines.

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So fall is coming and when a new season comes I think that’s a really good excuse to get a new wardrobe😏. And personally I love H&M style they have styles that look expensive but on a budget! So here are some outfits just for the next season! 

So there you have it! I hope you have a fun H&M spending spree!!😂


Life of Kylie premier!

Hello everyone!

So Kylie Jenner just came out with her new show “Life Of Kylie”. So of course I had to watch it because it’s KYLIE JENNER! And here’s what I got from episode 1 & 2

So Kylie was trying to tell us what you see on her social media is not the real Kylie. She feels like she has to keep a certain image for her self, and I feel a little bad for her. Kylie has been in the spot light since she was a young child and that’s all she knew. She explained that she doesn’t like the stop light and the only reason she is in the public eye is because of her business like Kylie cosmetics. 

Later on in the show she found a kid who didn’t have a prom date and Kylie has never been to prom so she decided to go and it was adorable! Of course when she got to prom everybody went wild but you could tell she impacted that young boys prom night! 

Then through out the show she is explaining her self to all of us that she’s just like us and she wants the normal life I kinda feel bad for her but she’s a strong girl❤️ and through out the sires maybe we will she more of the real Kylie and what she’s about! 

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Bike shorts the new mom jeans??

Hello fashionistas!! So it seems like he mom jeans are cool now, In my opinion I don’t like them. BUT some people can rock them! Like the kardashian fam and several other celebrities are digging the mom jeans. But there just not my style🤷‍♀️. 

Annnddd now we got the bike shorts. Bella Hadid seems to like it

But all I can think about is this cute photo of Audrey Hepburn in her bike shorts 

And the kardashians strike again with the fashion statement 



Kate Middleton 💛

Hello fashionistas!! 

Welcome back sorry I’ve been gone, been so busy recently 😊.

So I don’t know about you all but I’m pretty obsessed with the royal family especially princess Kate! 

Recently her and prince William have been on a German tour and her outfits are to die for💗. The outfit she wore is a little yellow sundress and I just love it, it’s a perfect summer dress💛 and pretty nude wedges!

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Princess RiRi👸

HELLO FASHIONISTAS!! So I was seeing Rihanna’s appearance outfits as all I could see is some Disney princesses in those dresses!! So here are some side by sides😍

She is a true princess when it comes to fashion 😉 

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Modern vintage 📽

Hello fashionistas!!!! So I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed with anything vintage! (Pretty sure I was born it the wrong decade 😂) 

The reason I love the 40/50’s style is because it was classy, full of color and patterns! I would look at popular old Hollywood beauty’s see their style and see how we can put that style into a modern outfits. And clearly I’m not the only one who feels the same about this style! Here are some modern vintage styles today!

Those are just a few I found you can find modern vintage outfits on pintrerest or websites made for outfits like these! 

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Louis Vuitton with supreme mashup?

Hello fashionistas!!!! So my feed has been blowing up with Vuitton stuff but it’s red? And has a large supreme logo so you know me of course I have to do some research and here’s what I got!

Supreme has been here for awhile now but business had been slow till they decided to collaborate with other designers and that’s when business was boomin! The supreme collection has collaborated with Nike for shoes

But it’s not just Nike, there are other brands collaboration and their also getting more consumers because of the celebrity’s rocking their shirts and other merchandise. But now their new collection is with Louis. Like with bags, shoes, etc. Now I like supreme it’s cool and has the skater vibe! So here are some merchandise with Louis Vuitton X Sumpreme 

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Katy perrys new shoe line???

Hello fashionistas! So call me late but I just noticed that Katy Perry has a shoe line! And I gotta say the shoe line is as bubble as her personality! Now I’m a huge Katy fan so of course I did some research and about the shoes. So I have some images of some shoes I found and some I really like (the last 2)! With an interview about the new line & she says that this line is very personal to her – “I’m basically leading the way in creativity”. She even go’s on to say that some shoes were like her friends personality so they like kinda have their own shoe. 

You can find prices and more shoe options at her Katy perry collection website or her instagram @katyperryCollection as well!



Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit!

Hello fashionistas, welcome back!!!

So if you follow the Kardashians/Jenners you would see that Kylie came out with another kit and it has more than just a lip kit!

Kylie’s 29th birthday is cute Ming so she decided to celebrate the kit fun with us all! It will include brushes, a pallet, new highlights and of course lip sticks/ gloss!

The new highlight come in: King ( a goldish) and Queen ( rosey pink)

For the lipsticks you will get mini matte sticks in older favorites like: Angle, Augest bug, All nighter, Baby girl, Gorge, and One wish! 

So this “I Want It All”  has just about it all! So the round up is you got 2 highlights 9 eyeshadows and all comes with a glitter pink bag with her signature lip look. 

If you are interested in the getting it will be available August 1 at 3. Pm. And you gotta be fast because stuff like this sells super fast!!!